TPT conservation volunteers (Penistone - Dunford Bridge)

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Penistone - Dunford Bridge Leaflet 

You can download our leaflet  by clicking on the image below.


Bus Timetable - Service 25/25A  Penistone - Holmfirth, via Dunford Bridge

Did you know you can catch a bus between Penistone and Dunford Bridge? You could walk to Dunford Bridge, and catch the bus back, or take the downhill route - catch the bus to Dunford Bridge and walk back!

The route is operated by Stagecoach following the closure of Tates Travel and you can download the timetable by clicking on the image below:


Parking for Horse-Boxes in Penistone

Unofficial parking for one or two small trailers or horse-boxes is available near Julie's Cafe/It's For Hire in Penistone. Parking is to the right of the drive on the concrete areas, and is entirely at the owner's risk. The drive must be kept clear at all times, and the area left clean and tidy.

Bullhouse Chapel                                      
Opening times:

March 1st
 to September 30th

Mondays only: 9am - 3pm  

This seventeenth century English Heritage property is just 75 yards off the Trail:

Travelling west, look for an exit on your right after you have crossed over the Millennium Bridge at Bullhouse Bridge - turn left along Bullhouse Lane and continue to the end of the lane: click 
here for a map.

Bullhouse Chapel is the oldest independent non-conformist chapel with continuous worship in the county. Built in the seventeenth century by the Rich family who lived at nearby Bullhouse Hall, its pulpit is believed to be original, and it has a remarkable sounding-board which allowed the speaker to be heard from the back of the chapel. It is a simple  building, redolent with history, its stone blackened by smoke from the trains which ran along the line nearby; it was registered for worship in 1692 and has been in continuous use ever since.

More information here - Bullhouse Chapel

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